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Medirest provides specialist food, hospitality and support services to residents and patients in hospitals and senior living facilities throughout Australia. Medirest looks after a wide range of support services that go beyond the kitchens of Healthcare, Hospital and Senior Living Facilities.

"Treat staff as expendable" says a Medirest former employee on Glassdoor on September 8, 2020:


High turnover. Understaffed to deal with the workload. Bad company treatment of staff. Minimum wage."


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Former Employee - Ward Host says

"high turnover Understaffed to deal with the workload Bad company treatment of staff Minimum wage"

Former Employee - Hostess says

"The worst management I have ever come across"

Former Employee - Barista says

"-manager at wycombe hospital was horrible,shout at the girls and say women are not allowed to speak unless spoken too,when I complained nothing happened. -bullying from management -tiny wages -constantly putting staff down"

Current Employee - Domestic Cleaner says

"A lot of discrimination no respect for people no one care about health and safety rules you always get less salary then you should managers talk in their own languages what is disrespectfull towards others"

Customer Service Representative says

"Very poorly managed by executive staff"

Former Employee - Ward Hostess says

"Poor management didn’t know how to allocate wards"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Time to complete all tasks can be tight sometimes"

Current Employee - Domestic says

"Not enough money and reward"

Former Employee - Ward Host says

"Minimal wage, work overload, bad management"

Ward Hostess says

"Supervisors are not mature, lack of respect for employees. Inadequate working equipment dishwashers breaking down, water boilers slow and old. Workers pushed to their limits and often doing two peoples work. Housekeepers overbearing and often unhelpful."

Domestic Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Never enhanced my pay when they were meant to and said it was becuase of my age and my gender.. never paid me properly, I was paid short £400 on December 2018. I never got that money back or anything that they never paid me. I never got enhancements at weekends when other colleagues did. I worked my basic hours which I was happy with but I was forever being asked to do overtime. I then had to go on sick leave due to personal reasons, I got the ssp for a while, then one month, I didn't get paid nothing and apparently owe 123 pounds! This caused financial hardship and they done nothing to help me and didn't explain a thing to me. When I was working I had to do the job of two in a certain amount of time and you just physically cannot do it but you will still be moaned at the conditions even though you ask for help. I could not stress this enough that I would rather work in a fast food restaurant than this place ever again. Do not work for them!!!NoneNo pay, over worked, not supportive"

Ward Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Don't work for this company, they use you as much as they can and then you are gone when they are done, absolutely no support given whatsoever, and empty promises, they lie in the job advertising, there is no iPad as they described it, it's all done on paper and pen, I would advise anyone to stay away from this job, they only care for themselves and the pay is nothing for the amount of work they expect you to do and to be around certain people the risk of catching any sort of illness the pay is no good, training 2-3 days and that's it, I would advise anyone to get away from the job advertisement let alone the job, Seriously good luck if you do work for this company.Some nice people, other workers.Bad pay, no support, empty promises."

Cuisinier (Former Employee) says

"Medirest est une société qui ne s'occupe absolument pas de ses salariés qui doivent se débrouiller tous seuls quand il y a des problèmes..... chefs inexistants !"

Cuisinier (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise avec aucun remerciements et aucune évolution de carrière je ne le conseille à personne"

cocinero (Former Employee) says

"Nefasta tienes unos jefes ke no saben nada de cocina0Todas"

Ward Hostess (Former Employee) says

"I was Ward Hostess for 2 months and enjoyed working on the wards. I enjoy talking to the patients and making them meals that they enjoy. The nursing staff on the wards I worked on were happy with my performance on their wards. Then I suddenly got told by management that I am incompetent at my job, I have an "attitude problem", and when I asked for the training they said I needed, I was refused and just told I could hand in my notice if I wanted to! They have No care for their workers. The management system is poor at Best! workers are expected to be able to do the job with just minimal training - I had 3 days training before the start date - and then left to get on with it, some had No training at all! Promises are made, and then unkept. There are also little to no benefits in the company.can't think of any!Poor management skills, no benefits"

Ward Hostess (Former Employee) says

"So I was a ward hostess for around two months with this company, and I would not recommend it! You don’t have a proper interview, so anyone can get the job. You get trained within maybe a day or two, but if they think your capable they will just put you in the deep end. Knowing this is PATIENTS. The staff loved me, and patients too. But the management told me after two months that I failed my job due to my attitude. But they think it is ok to shout and neglect staff!!! There hygiene issue is awful. They email 16 year olds, which don’t clean which your meant to. The way the managers treat staff is appalling."

Porter (Current Employee) says

"Two tier workforce with agency staff treated like dogs compared to NHS who do the same job this ranges from pay enhancements to favourtism. Expect to do alot more hours than you sign in the contract they give you which includes early mornings, days and nights including bank holidays and christmas. For agency staff its minimum wage with no extra for working weekends, bank holidays, nights or doing overtime which is forced upon you. You wont even get sick pay from them. Management are also clueless and spineless, they would rather stab you in your back over having your back. I highly recommend against working for medirest as you will be treated like a dog and be on picketlines striking over the pay and terms and conditions. This is a industry leading company with a turnover of £1.7b treating their staff like dogs and slaves to save money. Currently actively looking for new job.Few days off, Low pay, No incentive, Two tier workforce"

Aide cuisine (Former Employee) says

"Je pense que tout dépend du site sur lequel on travailTres bonne mutuelle....."

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy my time working for Medirest. Prior to starting work, there was a lot of paper work and things to do. The process was long and tiring as Medirest are a very unorganised and misleading company. I worked alone because of the lack of staff. I wonder why... At one stage I was covering 3 floors of the Hospital, 1 floor is too much for 1 person. Co-workers were great, management not so great. The hardest part was probably trying to do your best and having annoyed people speak at you rudely.Discounted ParkingWork overload, terrible management"

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"Alot of family and it isn't good in one office. the owner isn't very confidential he allows his daughter to bring her sick child to the office no matter the can come in early and stay late if you need tonot alot of breaks if you dont smoke"

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Running around hospital doing bins and mopping,high and low dusting was daunting. wards, public areas, toilets .So many tasks sometimes you can't make it. Staff were friendly."

Food Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"busy environment Bad decisions by management Dictatorship Health and safety of staff compromised Progress opportunity compromised by favoritismflexible hoursSalary not reflecting work load for a large service"

Cuisinier en EHPAD (Former Employee) says

"Pas réussi a m intégrer a cause des méthodes de travail. Trop habituer a une cuisine traditionnelLes horairesTous le reste"

Guest service supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Pay rate for work load low. Changes are happening would like something a bit closer to home. Love working with people and enjoying see the results of my work and the satisfaction that give people to see there home and work site clean"

Cuisinier de collectivité (Former Employee) says

"Équipe agréable, poste agréable. J'ai appris très vite les règles de la cuisine"

Site Manager, (Former Employee) says

"An average day would be 6.00am until 15.30pm, managering Catering, Cleaning and Laundry for 123 residents in a age care complex. I was in charge of 22 staff, responsible for budget, labour costs, stock, rosters, KPI's, OH & S, Client meetings, audits, staff training etc. The work load was hard, I worked full time and enjoyed working with my staff, Client and residents. I also enjoyed the training provided by the company and the changes I had to learn new skills.A positive for this position was helping look after the residents deeds.Long hours."

Chef Manager (Former Employee) says

"I found this job a challenge, i haf no formal qualification at that stage but i did very well, however i did find it unfair that they would let you do the job but the pay was lower than someone that had the qualificaton."

Assistant chef (Current Employee) says

"Medirest is a great company but am not happy with their management skills, I mean I can take 2 weeks without talking with my boss because she always locked herself in her office"

Serveuse en restauration collective (Former Employee) says

"Gestion d’une salle à manger de centre de rééducation et préparation des repas selon les indications de la diététicienne : régimes hypocalorique, diabétique, riche en fibres, sans sel. Aspect difficile: les horaires ( de 7h à h et de 17H30 à 20H) Aspect agréable: contact avec la personne âgée et momentanée handicapé." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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